Best Before – Help

Best Before – Help

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– How to add a product ?
– How to remove a product ?
– How suggestions work ?
– Where are the pictures stored ?
– Can I backup/restore my data ?
– Can I synchronize data with others devices ?


How to add a product ?

There a 2 ways to do that.
From the shopping list, you can add an item and then click on the checkbox to buy it. The item will be available in products.

Directly from Products, click on + button to open a new screen. You can add the product name, quantity, category, location, unit, buying date, best before date, comment. Don’t forget to save the product.

How to remove a product ?

You can consume the product, click on the product in the list and then the icon at the bottom left to consume it. When the quantity is 0, it is removed from the product list.
If you didn’t consume the product you can trash it, with the icon at the bottom right.
Otherwise, you can delete the product with a long click on it in the list.

How suggestions work ?

When you add a product or item in the shopping list, there is an autocompletion to help you to chose the product.
If you add a product not existing in the suggestions list, it will be automatically added.
So, the next time you add the product, you just have to type the first letters to select it.
When you change the category or location of a product, the suggestion is also updated.
Then you can go to Suggestions to edit any suggest and change category, location, unit, number of days before expiry.
You can also add directly a new suggestion in Suggestion menu by clicking the + button.

Where are the pictures stored ?

Pictures taken from the camera or selected from your gallery are stored on your phone.
After cropping the picture, when you  save, a copy of the picture is created. So your original file from the gallery still exists and is not cropped. If the picture is taken from a camera the original file is deleted, because it is too large.
The cropped picture is a .jpg file, less than 50 KB, the resolution is 400×400.
They are stored in the folder bestbefore, usually in /sdcard/Pictures/bestbefore/

Can I backup/restore my data ?

Not yet, it will be in a futur release.

Can I synchronize data with others devices ?

Currently you cannot sync your data with other devices :/. I am looking for the best solution to implement this feature.