Breathe Now

Breathe Now

Breathe Now – Stop Smoking is an app that helps you to quit smoking and save money.
Quit smoking is not easy, it’s a daily struggle. That’s why an application is useful to help you every day.


*** Track your cigarette consumption ***

With interactive charts you can report the number of smoked cigarettes and the costs involved. Watch your consumption by week, month or year. When you do not smoke you can also see a preview of the savings you can make.

*** Reduce your consumption ***
Discover the messages of support to overcome the urge to smoke. More than 35 messages of support are available to resist against the cigarette. In addition, you can suggest new.

Also available, the weather of your consumption. Depending on when you smoked your last cigarette, the weather fits. If you just smoked, you have a gloomy weather, snow or lightning. After a few hours you will have a beautiful sun or a refreshing wind.

*** Statistics to be informed ! ***
Statistics help to answer questions that you ask.
How long I quit smoking ?
How many cigarettes I have smoked ? How much it costed me?
How many cigarettes I didn’t smoked ? How much money I have saved ?

*** Achievements ! ***
It is important to set goals. There are 70 achievements to unlock (33 in the free version) to stay motivated. They are divided into 4 categories: Consumption, Health, Smoke free, Resistance.

*** Share your progress ! ***
Tell your loved ones that you have stopped smoking . Share your progress and unlocked achievements. You can share via SMS, email and your favorite applications.

It’s time to breathe ! The time to be healthy and save money !
No more cigarettes, no more tobacco !

Try Breathe Now – Stop Smoking Free to quit smoking and save money.
This is the free version of Breathe Now – Stop Smoking, with ads.

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